Definition: Blog Marketing is any act or process that publicly promotes or advertises any entity, organization, brand or support through the medium of online blogs. This includes but is limited to advertising through advertisements placed on other blogs, recommendations by the blogger and promotion through feeds posted to other websites. Blog Marketing also involves the use of social networking in the form of fan pages and discussion forums. Blog Marketing can also be the development of content, for example, article marketing, for online publishers to use as a medium to generate revenue from their blog(s).

There are a variety of different ways that blog marketing can take place. For some bloggers, it is simply the routine activity of posting a new entry every so often. For others, it can be creating a blog with its own dedicated readership, which is used to generate revenue for the writer. For others, blog writing and blog marketing become an entire profession, requiring daily devotion and effort to ensure a consistent flow of income for the writer.

Whatever the nature of your blog, you will need to engage in some form of blog marketing if you expect to attract a substantial audience. To encourage readership, there are some things that you should consider first. One thing that you absolutely must do is make sure that your blog is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves ensuring that a blog is picked up by a search engine when a user enters a search term in the form of a query. Without SEO, your blog may never see the light of day.

To encourage readership and draw in more visitors, you will also need to post blog posts regularly. The frequency of blog posts is entirely up to you. Some people like to post blog posts weekly or bi-weekly, while others like to post their blog posts daily. Whichever schedule works best for you is up to you.

You will also need to engage in blog marketing through social media outlets. Several different social media sites allow you to set up your blog posts within the site. This makes it very easy for readers to find your blogs at any given time. Social media also allows you to easily share links to your blog posts with your readers and encourage them to click on those links to visit your blog.

Of course, the purpose of all blog marketing efforts is to draw in an audience. Therefore, the content of each blog post is important. You will want to select your posts wisely to ensure that the readers will be interested enough to stay on your page and read through what you have written. Even though you can easily skip between blog pages, a prospective customer may spend several minutes reading one page before deciding whether or not to take action and sign up for your list.

If you plan on using a website to publish your blog marketing efforts, you should carefully consider the coding of that website. Not all blog sites are created equal. Some websites require much more effort to use than others. It is important to be sure that you work with a company that has experience in blog marketing. Even if you can publish your blog on a free hosting service, there is still a chance that the website may not meet the needs of your particular niche.

Once you have posted your blog, you need to generate interest in your pages. You can do this through various methods, including writing content, posting comments on other people’s pages, and joining discussion groups. With each blog marketing strategy that you use, it is important to make sure that you are attracting and keeping a potential customer’s attention. Once readers are interested, you will then want to ensure that your readership continues to grow. Once readers have become regular readers, it is easier for you to persuade them to take action, sign up for your list, and encourage their friends to do so as well.

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