Own an eCommerce site? Do you have a newsletter?

If not, you’re possibly leaving a lot of money on the counter.

Corresponding with your past consumers and visitors is one of the most convenient and expense-effective techniques of increasing your website sales. You merely must have a system to gather the email addresses of both internet browsers and purchasers alike.

Gathering purchaser’s email addresses is a “no brainer”– after all, you need to send them verification details, receipts etc. Just make sure you ask for their consent to keep them up to date on future special offers.

Gathering visitor details is a bit more difficult, and you should provide some reward in return for them turning over their valuable e-mail address. Here are several methods:

· A discount voucher off their first order

The amount you are prepared to provide will depend upon the revenue margin in your service, and the downside is you might get the e-mail addresses of individuals who were going to purchase anyway.

· A competitor to win among your products.

Do make certain you are truthful and choose a winner– put past winner details on your site to stress this

· An insiders purchasers guide

If you offer technical items that can be tricky to understand– such as electronics, audio-visual etc., then write a short guide

· Special reports or ideas guides

If you sell golf equipment, look for short articles on golf suggestions online, get the author’s approval and compile them into a PDF report.

Handling your list

Depending upon what eCommerce system your site is based upon, you may already have the capability to manage email lists. If not, utilize a list management service such as Aweber (www.aweber.com), enabling you to establish autoresponder series, multiple lists and send HTML e-mails.

This brings me well to the next * need to * … send HTML e-mails!

HTML e-mails are filled with images and graphics, rather like websites instead of plain text e-mails.

Why? They are even more eyecatching, which is vital given the increasing amounts of email we get daily. You stand a better opportunity if you include images of your items– after all, an image is worth a thousand words, right?

( the only exception to this is individuals selling non-concrete services or products – for instance, info items typically work better in text e-mails.).

What should you interact with in your e-mails?

· Special deals.

You have placed any products on a special deal, sale products, end of line stock, etc. Adding a message of a restricted schedule or ends by a particular date will help increase response.

· Seasonal uses.

Garden furniture and barbecues in Spring, for instance.

· Offers tied to special occasions.

Before the current FIFA World Cup, I was inundated with special deals on all types of TELEVISION’s for watching it on if you can connect your items to a popular occasion in some method, a lot the better.

· New product reviews.

Evaluations of the most recent item offerings to hit your market will intrigue your clients.

· Technical “how-to’s.”

If you offer any technical item, your clients will appreciate the periodic how-to assist. How to get the very best out of your devices, top ideas, and so on

. Frequency of e-mails.

I would not recommend emailing your consumers more than once a week and leaving it more than a month between communications, and they are likely to ignore you.

There we have it. Loads of concepts on how to communicate with your clients, and make certain you remain at the leading edge of their minds. The expense is essentially no, and the possible returns are huge.

What’s the expense if you don’t? Well, undoubtedly, one of your rivals will make an effort– and end up seducing your consumers away from you, possibly for good.

They are far more eyecatching, essentially provided by the increasing amounts of e-mail we get every day. You stand a better opportunity if you consist of images of your items– after all, a photo is worth a thousand words?

If you sell any technical item, your consumers will appreciate the occasional how-to assist—frequency of emails.

Well, undoubtedly, one of your rivals will make an effort– and end up seducing your clients away from you.

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