Job searching does not end at dropping that application letter at your dream company. That is a mare starting point. If you want to succeed, you have more work to do than posting applications alone. Many mistakes made a start with failing to reach out or making it tough for companies to find you. In some cases, you can also close yourself up by the way you present yourself to employers. But there are also times when you can also shut out potential employers with mistakes. Here are some techniques that can help.

Light up your LinkedIn Profile

The information age has made things easy and simple. A good percentage of employers use LinkedIn profiles to find employees. This is a good start for them, and they take time to search well. At the end of the day, employers will get hold of your profile as they search. If your profile is not updated, then you have the first huddle. They will not make any engagements. Make sure that this professional profile is well updated.

Check around employment agencies and forums.

Companies have avenues they use to locate future employees. The most obvious is the use of their company website. But this does not yield the needed results, so they turn to the print media and other options. This is where you will need to look. Check in the media, employment agencies, and social media platforms for employment agencies. These are but a handful of options at your disposal. You can also look at other options that make your life easier. Reach out to all areas your employers are likely to use.

Make yourself easy to find on various platforms.

This is the first technique you have to look into. If your dream company has a powerful social media presence, then you have to act. Please make sure you are available when they search that platform. It can also be on other forums where the same issue is hot. You can do the same and make sure potential employers find you. If there is a way of making sure that your visibility is better, go for it! SEO experts will help you to work on any aspects that will help you rank well with that search engine.

Rank well on Google

This is almost supposed to be your first stop-over. You have to rank well on google search results. Otherwise, you stand a slim chance of landing your first job. This is because Google is the number one platform an employer will check. A search for your online presence should not be tedious. This way, even potential employers will get hold of you, and you will land your first job.

Impress your potential employer

Suppose you have a chance to make a presentation before a prospective employer, do it well. Well, everyone is doing it well. But to grab the attention of your potential employer, you have to score very well. In fact, you need to do very well. Stand out of the crowd and show off and let them see the real you! If your employer can realize that they need your services like yesterday, then you have it.

Check company websites

Now, this is a method most people ignore. Companies reach out to their potential employers via websites. This is because they usually make important announcements via their established websites. These announcements include vacancies and employment offers. If you want to join their workforce, you need to look it up. Take advantage and make sure you read other important details about the company. This will be a boost when you go for interviews. In fact, depending on how you handle this aspect, you may even find other ways of doing business. It could be that you have that skill they are in dire need of. Then you can approach them from that perspective and stop beating about the bush.

Volunteer to work and gain exposure

This is another way of showing off what you can do for your employer. You don’t need to worry about what other people will say about your volunteering. Go ahead and work as an intern or as a volunteer. Your goal is two-fold. First, you want to gain experience. With the experience gained, you can land yourself in another dream company. Then you also want to take this opportunity to count. Sell yourself and let the employer itch to take you on upon observing your output. Either way, you will still walk away with a smile at the end of the day. That is why others consider it a win-win situation with no loser.

Network with others

When you network with others, you give yourself a chance to reach out. By reaching out, you meet some of your old friends and former classmates. These could already be working in reputable companies. As you network with them, you could find your dream job in that company. But, if that does not work for you, you need to look at it from another angle.

It is not only the people you know who should be part of your network. Even those who could be strangers to you are very cardinal in this respect. The more you reach out and expand your network, the more chances you have of getting employed. Some of them have no idea you could be looking for employment. By networking with them, you give them a second chance to discover you.


Job searching techniques are diverse. In fact, some techniques only need you to break away from that old routine of doing things in one way. You have to try all the different avenues available. Then you can smile at the end of the day, and your job search bears fruit. Do not give at the first attempt when that potential employer does not give you a chance. Try again and again until it works for you and you end up securing that job. Your hard work pays off at the end of the day.

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